Introducing Cosmos: The Easy Way to Run dbt Models in Airflow

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  • Julian LaNeve
  • Kenten Danas

dbt is an open-source library for analytics engineering that is frequently used in combination with Airflow. Using Airflow to orchestrate and execute dbt models as DAGs ensures fine-grained control over dbt tasks, observability over every step, and a reliable, scalable environment to run your models.

This webinar introduces Cosmos, an open source package from Astronomer that is the easiest way to run your dbt Core projects as Airflow DAGs and Task Groups with just a few lines of code. We show you how Cosmos can be used to dynamically generate Airflow DAGs from your dbt models with benefits like avoiding dependency conflicts, using data-aware scheduling, using retries, altering, etc., and more.

All code shown in the webinar can be found in this repo. For more details on implementing Cosmos, see the documentation.

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