The Laurel Algorithm: MLOps, AI, and Airflow for Perfect Timekeeping

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  • George Yates
  • Andrew Ward

In today’s data-driven economy, efficiently managing vast volumes of data is imperative to deliver the next generation of transformative applications. Laurel boldly confronted this challenge by implementing AI and Airflow to automate their machine learning (ML) pipelines. This led to improved efficiency and more informed decision-making across their organization. As a result, Laurel not only modernized their processes but also redefined the timekeeping landscape within industries that rely on hourly billing.

In this webinar, we talked to Laurel about how they accelerated their AI journey with Airflow to stand at the forefront of ML innovations, including challenges they faced implementing models at scale, the outcomes of using Airflow for MLOps, and the partnership between Laurel and Astronomer.

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