How to use Snowpark with Airflow

June 20, 2023 at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT

Hosted By

  • Kenten Danas
  • Michael Gregory

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In preparation for the upcoming Snowflake Summit, we’re excited to host a webinar on the best ways to use Snowpark with Apache Airflow. Snowpark allows you to run queries and transformations on your data using different programming languages, making it a flexible addition to traditional Snowflake operators. New Snowpark operators and decorators drastically simplify the orchestration of Snowpark tasks from Airflow and automate the process of securely passing data between tasks. A new custom XCOM backend for Snowflake further enhances security and governance while enabling the ability to pass large datasets between tasks and DAGs.

We’ll cover how to make use of these great new features as well as best practices for integrating Snowpark into your Airflow DAGs.