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Webinar Recap

Writing Functional DAGs with Decorators

By: Kenten Danas, Lead Developer Advocate, Astronomer Benjamin Lampel, Enterprise Platform Architect, Astronomer

In this webinar, we walk participants through the process of using decorators to define tasks in your DAGs. Introduced as part of the TaskFlow API in Airflow 2.0, decorators are an alternative DAG authoring experience to the use of traditional operators. Using decorators results in clean and concise DAGs free of some of the boilerplate code that is required by traditional operators.

This webinar shows you everything you need to know to start using decorators in writing your DAGs, and answers questions like:

  • What decorators are available?
  • Why use decorators?
  • What value do decorators provide?
  • What’s the difference between using decorators and traditional operators?
  • Can you write “hybrid” DAGs with both decorators and traditional operators?
  • How do you define dependencies and pass data between tasks using decorators?
  • What decorator-related features are currently in development?

All of the sample code shown in this webinar can be found in this repo.


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