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Webinar Recap

Airflow 101: Tips For Beginners

This webinar covers the essential functions and benefits of Apache Airflow, an open source tool for programmatically authoring, scheduling, and monitoring your data pipelines. In addition to reviewing the core concepts and terminology of Airflow — including explanations of DAGs, tasks, and operators — the webinar, aimed at new users of Airflow, answers questions like:

  • What are the core features of Airflow?
  • What are the uses of Airflow?
  • How flexible are data pipelines?
  • What are the fundamental components of Airflow’s infrastructure?
  • How do you get started with Airflow?

The webinar includes a demo and participant Q&A. Viewers can find the sample code shown in this webinar in this GitHub repo.

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Join the 1000s of other data engineers who have received the Astronomer Certification for Apache Airflow Fundamentals. This exam assesses an understanding of the basics of the Airflow architecture and the ability to create simple data pipelines for scheduling and monitoring tasks.

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