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Astronomer Takes PLOTCON: Day 3

Day 3 of PLOTCON rolled out the red carpet for some data analytics superstars including the creators of Jupyter and Anaconda. Viraj and Ben started to write their daily wrap-up (check out Day 1, Day 2 and why we’re even here, if you missed it), but it quickly turned from a wrap-up to an open fanboy letter to the analytics community. We had to edit it a bit, but enjoy!

Analytics Community:

Thanks for constantly doing dope shit driving forward unprecedented innovation in the power of open tools needed for cutting edge data analysis. Hearing the enthusiasm in the voice of all of these insanely smart and hard-working people when they talk about the direction of their project makes us swoon face first into the coffee bar is nothing less than invigorating.

Fernando Perez’s talk about the factors that inspired him to write IPython was almost a crash course in the history of data analytics in Python. Furthermore, to see the roadmap going from Jupyter Notebooks to Jupyter Binders and hear about all of minuscule architectural decisions involved blows our literal mind out of our literal skull in the most literal sense makes us excited for the future of the project. I mean, we used it for Python … but Node?!


You just changed the game Perez! We appreciate your valued contribution towards this vital project, Dr. Perez. The best thing about some of the talks over these last few days is how much of what we learned can be directly ported into Astronomer’s data science stack and used for our own side-projects. I mean, Dr. Wang of Continuum just casually dropped an interactive billion point geo-plot made with Bokeh and DataShader! ARE YOU KIDDING ME, PETER?!?


Honestly, we have no idea what you’re saying half the time. We’re simply basking in the glory of your collective brilliance. There’s an almost unanimous decision to make everything as accessible as possible. The talks over the last few days ranged from basic data cleaning to topics as advanced as hyperparameter optimization. However, there was never a hint of arrogance in the speaker’s voice. Each speaker’s goal was to present something they found interesting, not to show off. This emphasis on teaching makes data analytics easy for anyone to get started and adds to the robustness of the community. Without it, we almost certainly would not have jobs.

One love. We thank you again for your dedicated contribution to an increasingly altruistic vision of scientific computing.

  • Viraj Parekh, Fanboy OG
  • Ben Gregory, Person definitely not standing outside of Fernando Perez’s hotel room right this second

P.S. Seriously, though, we loved talking data visualization trends with the analytics community and learning from some of the very best. A HUGE thank you to Plotly and everybody who hosted PLOTCON for bringing us together. We’re already excited not just to implement our top takeaways at Astronomer, but also for PLOTCON 2017!

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