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Ask RBK: Tell Me About Google Analytics

_ Dear RBK, _

**Tell me a bit about Google Analytics. What is Google Analytics best at? What can’t it do? What other tools can I use to expand on the data that GA provides me?

Sincerely, *Jessica**

Out in the field, I connect with prospects and customers from a variety of backgrounds with broad-ranging products and experiences. Not only do I thrive on these conversations, but I also view them as a key way to learn about how their products work and where third-party services provide greatest value to their customers.

With that said, people are often hesitant to ask me what they may consider basic questions. For example, many feel they “should” already know how Google Analytics can track user data, or what other tools can compliment the data that Google Analytics provides.

The fact is, there are no bad questions! I understand these questions may seem basic, but technology is changing fast, especially when it comes to marketing data and user analytics. In this video-edition of ‘Ask RBK,’ I chat with Viraj Parekh, Astronomer’s Data Analyst, to answer some of the most common questions I get about Google Analytics.

Feel free to ask your questions about Google Analytics in the comments section below.

*Names may or may not have been changed to protect Jessica. :-)

Time to Topics:
:59 What is Google Analytics good for?
1:33 Is Google Analytics the only tool I need?
2:00 Does Google Analytics “connect the dots” on your site?
2:20 What can’t Google Analytics do?
2:50 Does user engagement vary by page?
3:30 Is Google Analytics good for recurring user data?
4:20 Where does Google Analytics get demographic information?
4:46 What do you do with the “black box” of Google Analytics information?
5:00 What kind of tools should you look for?
5:33 What’s the first thing you should once Google Analytics is implemented?
6:19 What are the first questions you want to answer?

 *If you missed it, find out my answer to, ”Why do I need Astronomer?” 

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