The easiest way to run Apache Airflow.

By leveraging the power of Kubernetes, Astronomer makes it easy to run Airflow in our cloud or yours.

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Astronomer is the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to run Apache Airflow.

Create multiple Apache Airflow instances.

Manage as many Airflow environments as you need, each with isolated resource allocation, user access, and service accounts.

Scale effortlessly.

Astronomer gives you complete control over your executor type and resource allocation, allowing you to scale without hassle.

Developer friendly by design.

Easily develop and deploy DAGs using the Astro CLI- the easiest way to run Apache Airflow on your machine.

Coming in v0.8

View Airflow logs, real time.

Astronomer delivers Airflow's webserver and scheduler logs directly into your UI, effortlessly. With full-text search and filtering, you'll never waste time digging through log files ever again.

Coming in v1.0

Scale to zero.

When you're not running jobs, you shouldn't be paying for idle resources Thanks to the power of the Kubernetes executor, you'll cut costs by only paying for the resources that you need.

Let's go to the moon.

SpaceCamp is our custom-tailored, onsite Airflow training and onboarding program for organizations looking to unleash the full power of Apache Airflow.

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