Run Apache Airflow with Astronomer

Astronomer is a managed Apache Airflow service, allowing you to set up and operate the tool fast and efficiently, cloud-native or cloud-anywhere. Our team is powered by engineers working with Airflow on an everyday basis, bringing the community and top-of-the-world engineers to the table.


Orchestration for the Modern Data Platform

Astronomer provides everything you need to leverage the power of data pipelines in production, at scale, with Apache Airflow.

Apache Airflow, made better by Astronomer

As Apache Airflow’s biggest supporter, Airflow is all we do, and our specialized experience over thousands of implementations benefits the Airflow ecosystem, community, and our customers and partners.

Empower data teams to build faster

Astronomer is your fastest route to value building and running pipelines as code. Throughout the development lifecycle we eliminate unnecessary configuration and admin tasks while giving you the tools and resources to help get the job done, quickly.

Scale flexibly for your organization

Starting your Airflow journey with Astronomer is a breeze, and we’re here when you and your data orchestration needs grow. We make Airflow better, adding out-of-the-box, flexible to fit your unique needs and ensure data orchestration is delivering value for you, every day.

Run Apache Airflow on your preferred Kubernetes

Astronomer Enterprise helps you get up and running, securely managing the full lifecycle of operations, no matter where you need it.

Discover the power of Apache Airflow with Astronomer—the perfect solution for your data needs

1. Astronomer Enterprise

The best way to run Apache Airflow in your private cloud or on-prem. Created by the engineers who built the largest Airflow-as-a-Service offering, Astronomer Enterprise is the management platform that makes it easy to deploy, manage, monitor, and scale Apache Airflow on your own infrastructure. Remove operational toil, scale flexibility, and integrate seamlessly into your stack.

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2. Astronomer Cloud

A truly managed Airflow service, brought to you by the experts in data orchestration. Your pipelines, in your VPC, managed by the commercial leader of Apache Airflow. If you're ready to orchestrate your data where your tasks just run, let's talk about the all-new Astronomer Cloud.

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If you want to unlock the power of data in your business, contact our Airflow experts today!

Mark Gergess

Mark Gergess

VP of Data & Analytics at Herman Miller

We are not focusing on the technology anymore—Airflow has allowed us to focus on using the data and making the most of it. The platform we created in partnership with Raybeam, Snowflake, and Astronomer is best-in-class. I would definitely recommend using Airflow—all the best tech companies in the market do.

Gautam Doulani

Gautam Doulani

Data Engineering Lead at CRED

With Astronomer, you don’t have to compromise. If it involves Airflow, they can do it.

Benjamin Leff

Benjamin Leff

VP Engineering at Cloud Agronomics

Unless you want to spend a couple of million dollars rolling your own solution, and dealing with all the problems that come with it, use Airflow and Astronomer. They’ve already put the great work in.

Do Airflow the easy way.

Run production-grade Airflow out-of-the-box with Astronomer.