Connection Management

Create, secure, and share
connections across environments.

Set up Airflow connections effortlessly in one central location with our out-of-the-box, native solution.

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See how to create a connection, share to deployments and override fields, run Astro CLI, and pull connections.

Meet the Astro-native secrets backend you don’t have to manage.

Share connections across deployments

  • Built-in inheritance model allows you to override fields based on deployment
  • Easily spin up branch-based deployments with the credentials they need

Every data connection secured, governed, and centralized

  • Complete understanding of how and where your connections are used across your data platform
  • Encrypted credentials are only used at runtime
  • A single source of truth to govern your credentials

Stop wasting time with every single new connection type

  • Save developer time setting up connections
  • Purpose-built integration forms prompt you exactly for what you need
Create your first connection on Astro

Onboard with ease

  • Near zero onboarding time for new local environments
  • Utilize Astro’s authorization model to manage credential access from day 1

See these and more supported connection types in Astro.

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