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Astronomer Partners

We're customer obsessed. We're on a mission to launch our customers into the stratosphere by leveraging data. If we can help make your customer's love you more, let's figure it out together.

Think We'd Compliment One Another?

Astronomer is a data engineering platform that collects, processes and unifies your enterprise data, so organizations can get straight to analytics, data science and insights. 

Partner programs may include:

  • Sales support and delivery enablement
  • Solutions and product training
  • Technical support
  • Co-branded marketing campaigns
  • Strategic content including webinars, podcasts and email campaigns 

Data Science Partners

Data Science Partners provide support in the implementation of business intelligence, analytics, data science and machine learning initiatives.

Industry Expert Partners

Industry Expert Partners have a deep understanding of how better data connectivity can impact organizations in specific verticals.

Other Partners

Other partners focusing on data collection and sharing (OEM) or data tools, integrations, distribution, software or referral may be a great fit for the program. 


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