Enterprise grade Apache Airflow made easy for your success

Unlock the value of data in motion with Apache Airflow

With Astronomer you can build, maintain and operate your Airflow platform fast and efficiently on a massive scale. The Astronomer Enterprise Subscription provides you with the ultimate flexibility to meet your business requirements.

  1. Increase Productivity- Focus on your Airflow and never slow down.
  2. Reduced Day 2 Operations- Delivering the turn key Airflow solution you need.
  3. Enterprise-grade support and access to the leading Apache Airflow experts
  4. Run in any environment of your choice.

Build your next generation data platform with Astronomer! Get started today.

Apache Airflow - #1 For Data Orchestration

We believe that anything connected to data should be developer-led. Apache Airflow is a battle-tested solution for data orchestration used by thousands of companies around the world. Thanks to the vibrant open-source community surrounding the project, you can benefit from their support and experience instead of reinventing the wheel.

If your company deals with multiple pipelines across multiple teams Apache Airflow can help you:

  • Perform operational checkpoints
  • Kickoff pipelines
  • Monitor end-to-end execution
  • Improve the cooperation between teams
  • Eliminate data silos

Airflow, made better by Astronomer

Start building your next-generation data platform

Astronomer is the Control Plane for Apache Airflow

Astronomer makes it easy to run, manage, and scale your data pipelines across your organization. Stop maintaining an overly complex deployment pipeline. Easily deploy your DAGs with zero downtime.

  • Spin up, maintain, and control as many isolated Airflow environments as you need.
  • Use our built-in monitoring stack or integrate with your own tools to maintain ultimate observability.

Build fast, maintain optionality, and operate your data platform at massive scale with Astronomer.

If you want to see Astronomer in action, join our weekly demo!

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