Seamlessly Connect Astro to any Postgres Database to Store Data Efficiently

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Astro + Postgres

PostgreSQL is ubiquitous in the data world. Whether you want to connect to on-premise databases or to one of the many database solutions using the PostgreSQL wire protocol, you can effortlessly do so with Astro, the modern data orchestration platform powered by Apache Airflow. Use the next-generation DAG authoring features for your ETL pipelines, which make transforming data in PostgreSQL databases easy.


About Postgres

PostgreSQL, one of the most popular open source relational databases, taps decades of active development from its dedicated community. PostgreSQL databases are a top choice for storing large amounts of relational data. When using Astro, the metadata about your Airflow deployment is stored in a PostgreSQL database, allowing you to take full advantage of features like the highly available scheduler.


Use Case

PostgreSQL is an extensible, reliable, and robust solution for storing relational data. Leverage Airflow’s Postgres provider package to connect to any database solution using the PostgreSQL wire protocol. Orchestrate data storage in an integrated and seamless manner.

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