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Create Real-Time Dashboards with Google Looker and Astro

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Astro + Google Looker

Apply Looker-specific operators from the Airflow Google provider package to start and manage the builds of your dashboards directly from Astro: your central data orchestration platform.

Google Looker

About Google Looker

Looker is a data and analytics platform that offers modern business intelligence (BI) solutions to serve real-time reports and dashboards. With Astro, you can automatically start building your Looker dashboards at the end of your data pipeline, thanks to Airflow’s capabilities as an end-to-end orchestrator.


Use Case

Real-time dashboards and reports are must-have data products across organizations. Astro is the perfect tool to schedule your data pipelines in a true end-to-end fashion, from ingestion to Looker graphs, all while benefiting from Astro’s next-generation DAG authoring tools.

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