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Deploy your DAGs to Astro with GitLab

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Astro + GitLab

Deploying data pipelines using continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) streamlines your development process and increases reliability. Configuring a GitLab CI/CD workflow that suits your team’s needs on Astro, the modern data orchestration platform powered by Apache Airflow, is easy and intuitive.


About GitLab

GitLab is a cloud-agnostic platform that supports all stages of the DevOps lifecycle, from branch management and deploying to pipeline testing and monitoring. GitLab is a popular choice for managing the deployment of Airflow DAGs, and it integrates seamlessly with Astro.


Use Case

Deploying pipelines with CI/CD allows teams to iterate quickly and catch errors before they make it to production. Use the easy setup of GitLab CI/CD pipelines on Astro to decrease code maintenance and enforce continuous, automated testing.

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