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Store and Retrieve Petabytes of Data with Microsoft Azure Data Lake in a Cost-Effective and Scalable Way

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Astro + Azure Data Lake

Orchestrate file storage in Microsoft Azure Data Lake with Astro, the modern data orchestration platform powered by Apache Airflow. Astro provides straightforward integration with the Azure environment through operators specialized for the Azure Data Lake, making storage and retrieval of data easy and effortless.

Azure Data Lake

About Azure Data Lake

Azure Data Lake, built upon Azure Blob Storage, is a popular big data analytics solution. Azure Data Lake offers greatly improved efficiency in accessing data thanks to the hierarchical namespaces feature. Take your storage of objects and files to the next level by orchestrating data transfer and operations in your Azure Data Lake directly from your Astro pipeline.


Use Case

With rapid advances in big data analytics, the need for cost effective, scalable storage is increasing. The combination of Azure Data Lake and Astro is the answer. Azure Data Lake can store exabytes of data and Astro is the perfect tool to automate actions in your Azure Data Lake.

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