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Sustainably Manage your Microsoft Azure Compute by Orchestrating Batch Jobs with Astro

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Astro + Azure Batch

Orchestrate jobs in Microsoft Azure Batch with Astro, the modern data orchestration platform powered by Apache Airflow. Use the Azure provider for the first-class support for running and monitoring Azure Batch jobs. Combining Azure Batch and Astro can help you implement your scheduled jobs while getting seamless integration with other Azure data sources and the full capabilities of Astro orchestration, including scalability, customization, and integrations with other cloud service providers.

Azure Batch

About Azure Batch

Azure Batch is a service for managing jobs and compute in your Azure account. By combining Azure Batch with Astro, you can take advantage of compute within your cloud while getting the full capabilities of Astro orchestration.


Use Case

Azure Batch can be used to tailor your batch scheduling jobs on Azure. No matter your use case, with Batch you have plenty of options to adapt jobs to different operating systems and development tools, as well as control scaling rules. With Astro, you can orchestrate your Azure Batch jobs with scale and observability, without a need to manage jobs in multiple places. Use Astro to integrate with your data stack outside of Azure, and maintain a one-stop shop for monitoring and observability.

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