Testing Airflow to Bullet Proof Your Code



Airflow, by nature, is an orchestration framework, not a data processing framework. At first sight it can be unclear how to test Airflow code. Are you triggering DAGs in the UI to validate your Airflow code? In this webinar we'll demonstrate various examples how to test Airflow code and integrate tests in a CI/CD pipeline, so that you're certain your code works before deploying to production.

What we will Cover:

  • Testing operators
  • Validating templating logic
  • Testing complete DAGs
  • Running tests in a CI/CD pipeline
  • Dealing with multiple environments

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Bas Harenslak

Bas Harenslak

Solutions Architect

Bas is a Solutions Architect at Astronomer, book author of Data Pipelines with Apache Airflow (Manning), and committer on the Apache Airflow project. He has extensive experience as a consultant in running Airflow and enjoys digging into complex problems. After work he enjoys going outside to go for a drive, snowboarding, or photography.