Power your LLMOps with Airflow’s Weaviate Provider

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  • Michael Gregory
  • Kenten Danas

Weaviate is the leading open-source vector database and offers a rich set of features, extreme scalability, and reliability for processing high-dimensional data and vector embeddings. At the core of every Large Language Model (LLM) application is a vector store and many enterprise organizations rely on Weaviate.

Apache Airflow has the world’s most active open-source community and is the leading workflow and data orchestration framework. Together, these two enable enterprises to build LLMOps pipelines with speed, scale, and efficiency. 

In this webinar, we show how to use the new Weaviate provider to make the most of Airflow’s orchestration power for AI and ML use cases. The demo code shown in the webinar can be found in this repo. You can also view the code behind Ask Astro, an open-source LLM application that is powered by Airflow and Weaviate (among other tools), here.

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