Astronomer Providers

WHEN: May 17, 2022 at 2pm EDT

Hosted By

  • Kenten Danas Lead Developer Advocate
  • Phani Kumar Manager, Airflow Engineering


A Deferrable Operator, aka an Async Operator, is an Operator or a Sensor written with the ability to suspend itself and free up its Airflow worker slot when it is waiting on work to complete. Using Deferrable Operators and Sensors will allow your Airflow cluster to waste fewer resources on idle tasks, saving you money. This webinar will dive into the Astronomer Providers repository, which includes Airflow Providers containing Deferrable Operators and Sensors created by Astronomer. We’ll go beyond the basics to look at key implementation details and best practices.

Webinar viewers will:

  • Take a deep dive into the Astronomer Providers repository and review the typical structure of a Deferrable Operator.
  • Learn the basic considerations of writing an Async or Deferrable Operator, and how to build an Async Operator from scratch.
  • See a live example demonstrating the use of an Async Operator and Sensor from the Astronomer Providers repository.