The Astronomer Champions Program for Apache Airflow

The Astronomer Champions Program for Apache Airflow is a global initiative dedicated to fostering passionate advocates of Apache Airflow. This program is designed to empower and elevate the knowledge, influence, and leadership of its committed members who champion the cause of Apache Airflow technology.

We're excited to unveil the pilot phase of our Champions Program, aimed at recognizing outstanding data practitioners worldwide who leverage the full capabilities of Apache Airflow in various capacities.

We're actively seeking fervent supporters within the Apache Airflow community to become part of our pioneering Champions Program. As a member, you'll enjoy a range of exclusive benefits, including; comped certifications, exclusive access to Airflow contributors, beta access to new features, academy courses, and certifications...and of course, swag!

We invite you to apply by sharing your community contributions.

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What it Means to be a Champion

Champions are leaders within the community who dedicate their time and expertise to increasing the understanding of and awareness for the Airflow product and mission.

Impact Airflow Strategy

Learn from the questions asked in the community, and take that back to the Airflow team to help inform new features, products, and roadmap.

Never Stop Learning

With beta access to certifications and trainings, Champions take advantage of their exclusive access to knowledge, and constantly uplevel their Airflow skills in order to share them with the broader community.

Share Your Knowledge

Whether it be via blog posts, speaking events, videos, or even podcasts, advance the Airflow mission by sharing your expertise about the product with the larger community.

Meet the Champions

Bhavani Rav

Software Consultant

Chennai, India

Ryan Delgado

Staff Software Engineer, Data Platform


Ross Lovelace

Data Engineer

Austin, TX

Victor Iwuoha

Data Engineer

Lagos, Nigeria

Kyle McCluskey

Head of Data Engineering

Chicago, USA

Aakash Balyan

Sr. Software Engineer - Analytics

Delhi, India

Evan Seabrook

Cloud Data Architect

Nanaimo, Canada

Pooja Chaudhari

Data Engineer III

Gurugram, India

Chris Hronek

Director of Data Engineering

Salt Lake City, USA

Aman Ranjan Verma

Software Development Engineer II, Data Engineering

Bodh Gaya, India

Benefits of Being a Champion

Exclusive Access and Recognition

  • Champions channel in Slack w/ direct access to Airflow contributors
  • Comped ticket & speaking opp at Airflow Summit
  • Webinars on new Airflow features and in-depth tutorials

Pro Development and Education

  • Free Airflow Fundamentals or DAG Authoring Certifications
  • Beta access to new Academy Courses

Rewards and Support

  • Promotion of personal brand via content creation (blogs, videos, etc.)
  • Financial support at conferences that include advocacy opportunities (case by case basis)
  • Swag!

How to Become a Champion

Skills and Certifications

Complete Airflow certifications or author a DAG in the Registry to showcase your commitment to expanding your Airflow knowledge.

Content Creation and Sharing

Create content like blog posts, videos, or podcasts. And share Airflow updates and information across social media platforms.

Engagement and Interaction

Speak at and attend in person and virtual events to spread the word about Airflow and grow your own brand voice in the space.

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