Leverage the power of Talend and Apache Airflow

Get the best of two worlds and combine Talend—a popular tool for data integration and management—with Apache Airflow.

Use your legacy tool with Apache Airflow!

If you’re thinking about migrating from your Talend tool to Apache Airflow, it’s better to start by combining the two.

Talend offers various tools focusing on data integration and data integrity. Some of the most popular among developers are:

Talend Cloud: A complete end-to-end data integration and management platform designed to allow business and IT to work together to deliver trusted data throughout the organization.

Talend Open Studio: An open source integration software, allowing you to start building basic data pipelines in no time.

Whichever Talend tool you use, now you can make it even better by combining it with Apache Airflow on the Astronomer platform—your control plane for data pipelines.

Schedule a call with our experts to see how you can leverage Talend with Apache Airflow!

If you want to give Talend + Airflow a go, head to the Astronomer Registry! With our repository you can run containerized Talend Studio jobs and execute Talend Cloud jobs using Talend API.

How using Talend and Airflow on Astronomer can improve your data management?

  • Airflow allows you to easily run multiple jobs with dependencies, parallelize jobs, monitor run status and failures, and more.
  • By combining Talend and Airflow, you get the best of both worlds: if Talend works particularly well for one use case and Python for another, you can do both and still have a one-stop shop for orchestration, monitoring, logs, etc. with Astronomer.
  • If your team is moving to Astronomer but has existing Talend jobs, using the two together eliminates the need to migrate existing jobs to Python code.

Migrate to Apache Airflow with Astronomer!

Astronomer is the commercial developer of Apache Airflow and the control plane for your data pipelines. Our Airflow experts can help you set up and start using Apache Airflow together with your current stack, by bringing the best of both worlds and adjusting the tools to your business needs.

With Astronomer you can:

  • Operate Airflow fast and efficiently on a massive scale from one control plane
  • Stay on top of software advancements
  • Maximize data availability
  • Author pipelines quickly and easily
  • Use it on your cloud or ours

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