Wherever you are on your Airflowjourney,
Astronomerhelps you take the next step.

Deploy Seamlessly

Stop maintaining an overly complex deployment pipeline. Easily deploy your DAGs with zero downtime.

  • CLI for DAG deployment
  • Deploy directly from Git repositories
  • Zero downtime with graceful worker restarts
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Scale Infinitely

Spin up, maintain, and control as many isolated Airflow environments as you need.

  • Scale to multiple teams
  • Provision and manage Airflow instances via our API
  • Control user access with RBAC and SSO
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Run in our cloud or yours.

Deploy to your public cloud environment, operate in your datacenter, or take advantage of our fully managed solution. Wherever you need to run Airflow, we help you level up to production quickly and securely.

Maintain Visibility

Use our built-in monitoring stack or integrate with your own tools to maintain ultimate observability.

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Airflow Container Health

Data Engineer
Hi Astronomer! My team is scaling our Airflow environment and we're looking to set up some more mature logging and monitoring tooling.
Astronomer Support
Hi there! Astronomer comes with a few options out-of-the-box, but if you're looking to integrate with your internal systems, we're happy to assist. Let me send you some resources.

Go Beyond Break/Fix Support

Become an extension of our team and help shape the future of Airflow.

  • SLA-backed support plans
  • Access to the world's leading Airflow experts
  • Beta access to early features
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