Astronomer Cloud Documentation


Astronomer Cloud is the easiest way for any organization to adopt Apache Airflow, an open-source tool designed to programmatically author, schedule and monitor data workflows.

Astronomer Cloud runs on a Kubernetes cluster hosted and managed by the Astronomer team. Our managed offering abstracts the everyday data engineer from the infrastructure management layer otherwise required to adopt, maintain and grow with Airflow.

For a detailed breakdown of Astronomer Cloud, refer here.

Get Started

Astronomer Cloud's free 14-day Trial is the best way to get started. You're welcome to sign up at anytime, no credit card required.

Once you start your trial, follow our Cloud Quickstart for guidance.

We'll guide you through the following journey:

  • Create an account via the Astronomer UI
  • Install the Astronomer CLI
  • Spin up a local instance of Apache Airflow directly on your machine
  • Create an Airflow Deployment on Astronomer Cloud
  • Access the Airflow UI
  • Add teammates to your new Workspace
  • Tweak resources to fit your needs
  • Monitor the health and performance of your Deployment

We won't charge you.


As you navigate Astronomer Cloud, keep the following resources in mind:

We're here to help.