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The Story of Astronomer

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Our Story

While running a data analytics platform called USERcycle, our co-founders suffered a daily pain point: their customers couldn’t access, let alone control, the data they needed. So in May 2015, they swapped the old idea for a new one: build a platform to automate data routing, making it easy to connect even the most disconnected and hard-to-reach data sets, so that organizations can get straight to analytics, data science and—more importantly—insights. 


Our mission is to connect every organization’s data ecosystem, enabling them to adapt to changing consumer and technological demands in order to gain a true competitive advantage.

Who We Are

Astronomer is a Cincinnati-based, venture backed tech company helping organizations put their data to work, resulting in disruptive business models, outperformance of peers and faster growth. Our team comes from a diverse mix of multidisciplinary backgrounds including EY, Oracle, Facebook, the FBI and Dunnhumby and is backed by notable venture investors including 500 Startups, Angelpad and CincyTech.


What We Believe

We believe that artificial intelligence will one day be a part of everyday life. As data ecosystems are created within an organization, those ecosystems can be connected, creating an entirely interconnected world. By creating a platform (and eventually, bots) to automate the data routing previously done by humans, our vision is to be an integral part of tomorrow’s reality.

In this way, we see the need for machines and humans to live in harmony. As humans leverage the power of sophisticated machines, we become capable of much more connectivity, communication and knowledge than ever before. We call this our machines + humans philosophy.