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astro deployment token create

astro only
This command is only available on Astro.

Create a Deployment API Token.

See Authenticate an automation tool to use your API token in an automated process.


astro deployment token create --deployment-id=<deployment-id>


OptionDescriptionPossible Values
-c,--clean-outputPrint only the token as output. For use of the command in scripts.True or False
-d,--descriptionDescription of the token. If the description contains a space, specify the entire description within quotes ""String
-e,--expirationExpiration of the token in days. If the flag isn't used the token won't have an expiration.An integer between 1 and 365
-n,--nameThe token's name. If the name contains a space, specify the entire name within quotes "".String
-r,--roleThe role for the token. Possible values are DEPLOYMENT_ADMIN or a custom role name.Any valid Deployment role


# create a deployment token
astro deployment token create --deployment-id=clukapi6r000008l58530cg8i

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