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astro deployment hibernate

Hibernate an Astro development Deployment for a set amount of time. Overrides any existing hibernation schedule and sets the Deployment to hibernate for a specific duration or until a specific date.


astro deployment hibernate [one of --until/ --for/ --remove-override]


OptionDescriptionPossible Values
-n,--deployment-nameThe name of the development Deployment to hibernate.Any valid Deployment name
-u, --untilSpecify the hibernation period using an end date and time.Any future date in the format YYYY-MM-DDT00:00:00Z
-d, --forSpecify the hibernation period using a duration.Any amount of time in the format XhYm
-r, --remove-overrideRemove any existing override and resume regular hibernation schedule.None
-f, --forceThe CLI will not prompt to confirm before hibernating the Deployment.None

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