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astro deployment logs


The behavior and format of this command differs depending on what Astronomer product you're using. Use the following tabs to change product contexts.

Show Airflow component logs over the last 24 hours for a given Deployment on Astro. These are the same logs that appear in the Logs tab of the Astro UI.


astro deployment logs

When you filter logs using the command flags --error, --warn, --info, and --key-word, you can specify only one filter flag per command.


OptionDescriptionPossible Values
<deployment-id>The ID of the Deployment to show logs forAny valid Deployment ID
--deployment-nameThe name of the Deployment to show logs for. Use as an alternative to <deployment-id>.Any valid Deployment name
-e,--errorShow only logs with a log level of ERRORNone
-w,--warnShow only logs with a log level of WARNINGNone
-i,--infoShow only logs with a log level of INFONone
--key-wordSearch the Deployment logs for a specific keyword.None
-c,--log-countThe number of log lines to show. The default is 500Any integer. If you request a number of log lines to show that exceeds the total number of logs, then it shows all existing logs.
--workspace-idSpecify a Workspace to show logs for a Deployment outside of your current WorkspaceAny valid Workspace ID


$ astro deployment logs
# CLI prompts you for a Deployment to view logs for

$ astro deployment logs cl03oiq7d80402nwn7fsl3dmv
# View logs for a specific Deployment

$ astro deployment logs --deployment-name="My Deployment" --error --log-count=25
# Show only the last 25 error-level logs

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