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astro deployment service-account


This command is available only if you're authenticated to an Astronomer Software installation.

Manage Deployment-level service accounts, which you can use to configure a CI/CD pipeline or otherwise interact with the Astronomer Houston API.


This command includes three subcommands: create, delete, and list

# Creates a Deployment-level service account
astro deployment service-account create --deployment-id=<your-deployment-id> --label=<your-service-account-label>

# Deletes a Deployment-level service account
astro deployment service-account delete <your-service-account-label>

# Shows the name, ID, and API token for each service account in a specific Deployment.
astro deployment service-account list


OptionDescriptionPossible Values
--categoryThe category for the new service account as displayed in the Software UIAny string. The default value is default.
--deployment-id (Required for create and delete)The Deployment you're creating a service account forAny Deployment ID
--label (Required for create)The name or label for the new service accountAny string
--roleThe User Role for the new service accountCan be either viewer, editor, or admin. The default is viewer.

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