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astro deployment connection list


This command is only available on Astro.

List the Airflow connections stored in a Deployment's metadata database.


astro deployment connection list

This command only lists Airflow connections that were configured through the Airflow UI or otherwise stored in the Airflow metadata database.


OptionDescriptionPossible Values
-d,--deployment-idThe ID of the Deployment for which to list connectionsAny valid Deployment ID
--deployment-nameThe name of the Deployment for which to list connections. Use as an alternative to <deployment-id>.Any valid Deployment name
-w,--workspace-idList connections for a Deployment that is not in your current Workspace. If not specified, your current Workspace is assumedAny valid Workspace ID


OutputDescriptionData Type
CONNECTION IDThe ID you assigned to the connection.String
CONN TYPEThe Airflow connection type.String


# List connections stored in the Deployment with an ID of cl03oiq7d80402nwn7fsl3dmv
astro deployment connection list --deployment-id cl03oiq7d80402nwn7fsl3dmv

# List connections stored in the Deployment "My Deployment"
astro deployment connection list --deployment-name="My Deployment"

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