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Authorize Workspaces to a cluster

This feature is available only if you are on the Enterprise tier or above.

To provide greater control over your cloud resources, you can set a rule so that only specific Workspaces can use a specific cluster. For example, you can configure a cluster so that only production-level Workspaces can create Deployments in the cluster.

Use this document to learn restrict a cluster so that only authorized Workspaces can use it.


Authorize your workspace

  1. In the Astro UI, click your Workspace name to view more options, then click Organization Settings.
  2. Click Clusters and then select a cluster.
  3. Go to the Workspace Authorization tab and then click Edit Workspace Authorization.
  4. Click Restricted and select the Workspaces that you want to authorize to the cluster.
  5. Click Update.

After you authorize Workspaces to a cluster, Astro treats the cluster as restricted. Restricted clusters do not appear in the dedicated cluster drop-down menu within the Create Deployment view of Workspaces that have not been authorized.


A restricted cluster can't host Deployments from an unauthorized Workspace. To restrict a cluster that's currently running Deployments from unauthorized Workspaces, you must transfer the Deployments from these Workspaces to the Workspaces you want to authorize.

Similarly, to unauthorize a Workspace but still keep its Deployments in the cluster, you must transfer your Deployments to a Workspace that is still authorized to the cluster. See Transfer a Deployment to another Workspace.

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