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Transfer a Deployment to a different Workspace

Transferring a Deployment can be helpful when your team needs to change user access to a Deployment. Transferring a Deployment moves all DAGs, task history, connections, and other Astro configurations to another Workspace. This process does not affect your task scheduling or any currently running tasks.


  • You must be a Workspace Owner or Operator in both the original Workspace and the target Workspace.
  • The Workspaces must be in the same Organization.
  • Deployments cannot be transferred to a different cluster from the one in which they were created.
  • Only the users who are members of the target Workspace can access the Deployment after it is transferred.

Transfer a Deployment to another Workspace

  1. In the Astro UI, select a Workspace, click Deployments, and then select a Deployment.

  2. Click the Options menu and select Transfer Deployment.

    Transfer Deployment in options menu

  3. Select the target Workspace where you want to transfer the Deployment.

  4. Click Transfer Deployment.

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