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Automate actions on Astro

As an administrator or head of your team, you can use the Astro CLI to automate the management of Deployments and Workspaces. Some common actions you can automate include:

  • Managing users.
  • Deploying code in a CI/CD pipeline.
  • Creating Deployments.

Automating actions allows your team to interact with Astro in a predictable way that improves reliability and security. For example, when you automate code deploys with CI/CD, your can have your users deploy from a source where all of their work is tracked and reviewed, such as GitHub.

This section of documentation covers how to automate processes on Astro using Astro CLI. To start automating, you'll first programmatically authenticate to Astro using an API token. Then, you'll write and run a script to perform your action.

Common actions to automate

Deployment actions

Workspace actions

Organization actions

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