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Create a dedicated Astro cluster

This feature is available only if you are on the Team tier or above.

A dedicated cluster exclusively runs Deployments from your Organization within a single-tenant environment on Astronomer's cloud. Dedicated clusters provide more configuration options for regions, connectivity, and security than standard clusters. You might want to create a dedicated cluster if:

  • You need to connect Astronomer's cloud to an external cloud using VPC peering. Standard clusters are compatible with all other supported connection types.
  • You want more options for the region your cluster is hosted in.
  • You otherwise want to keep your Deployments as isolated as possible.

Dedicated clusters offer the self-service convenience of a fully managed service while respecting the need to keep data private, secure, and within a single-tenant environment. If you don't need the aforementioned features, you can use one of the standard clusters when you Create a Deployment.


  1. In the Astro UI, click the name of of your Workspace in the upper left corner, then click Organization Settings.

  2. Click Cluster > + Cluster.

  3. Configure the following details about your cluster:

    • Cloud Provider: Select AWS.
    • Name: The name for your cluster.
    • Region: Select the region that you want your cluster to run in.
    • VPC Subnet Range: Provide a subnet range for Astro to connect to your existing AWS resources through VPC peering. The default is, and the minimum size you can use is /21.
  4. Click Create cluster. After Astro finishes creating the cluster, users in your Organization can select the cluster when they create a Deployment.

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