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Astro features

Astro offers a suite of first-class features that make it easy to author, run, and monitor Airflow DAGs.

Feature list

  • Worker auto-scaling, powered by the Airflow Celery executor and KEDA. See Worker queues.
  • Astro Runtime, a collection of Docker images that provides a differentiated Airflow experience. See Runtime image architecture.
  • Timely support for the latest major, minor, and patch versions of the Apache Airflow open source project.
  • A fully managed experience for using the Kubernetes executor and KubernetesPodOperator.
  • Support for role-based access control (RBAC) and single sign-on (SSO) for secure user management and authentication. See Configure an identity provider (IdP) and User permissions.
  • An observability experience that gives you data lineage across your ecosystem as well as real-time insight into the health and resource consumption of your data pipelines on Astro. See Data lineage and Deployment metrics.
  • A toolset for programmatically managing Airflow environments across teams and development cycles. See CI/CD and Manage Deployments as code.

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