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Astro CI/CD templates for Bitbucket

Use the following CI/CD templates to automate deploying Apache Airflow DAGs from a Git repository to Astro with Bitbucket.

The templates for Bitbucket use the image deploy process with a single branch implementation, which requires only one Astro Deployment.

If you use the DAG-only deploy feature on Astro or you're interested in a multiple-branch implementation, see Template overview to configure your own. To learn more about CI/CD on Astro, see Choose a CI/CD strategy.


Single branch implementation

To automate code deploys to a Deployment using Bitbucket, complete the following setup in a Git-based repository that hosts an Astro project:

  1. Set the following environment variable as a Bitbucket pipeline variable:

    • ASTRO_API_TOKEN: The value for your Workspace or Organization API token.
    • ASTRO_DEPLOYMENT_ID: Your Deployment ID.

    For production Deployments, be sure to set the value of your API token as secured.

  2. Create a new YAML file in bitbucket-pipelines.yml at the root of the repository that includes the following configuration:

    pull-requests: # The branch pattern under pull requests defines the *source* branch.
    - step:
    name: Deploy to Production
    deployment: Production
    - curl -sSL | sudo bash -s
    - astro deploy ${ASTRO_DEPLOYMENT_ID} -f
    - docker

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