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Book Astro office hours

This feature is available only if you are on the Team tier or above.

Office hours are a way for you to meet with Astronomer data engineers and ask about Astro and Airflow features and best practices. Office hours are available weekly on a first-come, first-served basis. An office hour session is typically 30 minutes long.


Office hours are not a replacement for support. Submit a support request if you have any urgent issue, bug, or something that needs fixing. Astronomer data engineers will not be able to answer support requests during office hour sessions.

If you have questions about your Astronomer account or billing, email instead of attending office hours. If you need more extensive assistance, guidance, or regular long-term engagement, reach out to the Professional Services team.

During an office hours meeting, you can:

  • Ask questions about Airflow features and best practices.
  • Discuss new Astro features or provide feedback.
  • Get insight on integrating Airflow with new systems.
  • Do an architecture review or discuss scaling Airflow and Astro Deployments .
  • Conduct a code review for a DAG.

Book an office hours appointment

Before you book an office hours appointment, please browse the documentation, Astronomer Academy, Airflow Guides, or past discussions on the Astronomer Forum to see if there are existing guides or resources that answer your question.

To book office hours, click Book office hours in the documentation sidebar navigation. Then, schedule a 30-minute virtual meeting on the Calendly form. In the form, provide details about any issues and questions that you want to discuss during the meeting.

Alternatively, you can click Help > Book Office Hours in the Astro UI.

A screenshot showing the menu in which contains a Book Office Hours entry

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