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Subscribe to Astro release notes

You can subscribe to RSS feeds for Astro release notes, Astro CLI release notes, and Astro Runtime release notes. You can receive RSS feeds directly, or updates can be sent to your email or Slack account.

Subscribe to RSS email updates

To have RSS feed updates sent to your email, use a browser RSS feed reader extension such as the Chrome RSS Feed Reader.

Note: Safari does not natively support viewing or configuring RSS feeds on Desktop or Mobile.

Subscribe to Slack updates

To add a feed to a public channel, the Slack Primary Owner role might be required. To learn more about adding RSS feeds to Slack, see Add RSS feeds to Slack.

Run the following Slack slash commands to subscribe to different Astro release notes:

  • Astro product release notes: /feed subscribe
  • Astro Runtime release notes: /feed subscribe
  • Astro CLI release notes: /feed subscribe

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