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Version: 0.35

Astronomer Software documentation archive

This document lists all available versions of Astronomer Software documentation, organized by their current support status.

While only maintained documentation sets appear under the Astronomer Software documentation menu, Astronomer preserves all versions for historical reference. The support timeline for a given set of documentation is the same as the support timeline for the corresponding version of Astronomer Software.

For more information about Software version support, see Release and lifecycle policy.

Documentation maintenance policy

Documentation for the latest version of Astronomer Software is regularly updated to reflect the latest improvements to the product. This includes fixes, enhancements to existing content, and quality-of-life improvements made by the Astronomer team and community.

Documentation sets for other maintained versions of Astronomer are updated to ensure accuracy and reflect existing functionality. This includes critical content fixes and updates based on bug fixes and minor features. These documentation sets, however, are not updated with enhanced content and quality-of-life improvements.

Documentation sets for unmaintained versions of Astronomer Software no longer receive updates are not rendered on the Astronomer documentation site. You can still read these docs from the Astronomer docs GitHub repo.

If you notice an error or misleading information in any part of Astronomer's documentation, create a GitHub issue in this repo or reach out to Astronomer support.

Documentation versions

This section contains links to documentation sets that correspond to all previous versions of Astronomer Software.

Latest version

Maintained versions

Unmaintained versions

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