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Version: 0.35

Deployment logs on Astronomer Software

The Software UI allows you to look up and search Airflow logs emitted by your webserver, scheduler, worker(s), and git-sync Pods for any Deployment you have access to.

Interpreting logs

We've designed this view to give you access to deployment level logs that will help you monitor the health of your deployment's Airflow components (webserver, scheduler, Worker).

A few use cases:

  • See your scheduler, webserver, and workers all restart after you push astro dev deploy
  • If your Airflow UI is not loading as expected - is your webserver in a CrashLoop?
  • How quickly is your scheduler queuing up tasks?
  • Is your Celery worker behaving unexpectedly?

Note: These are not task-level logs that you'd find in the Airflow Web UI. Logs on Astronomer are not a replacement for task-level logging in the Airflow UI.


To view logs on Astronomer, you'll need:

  • Access to an Astronomer Software Installation
  • An Airflow deployment on Astronomer

View logs

To view Airflow logs, log into Astronomer and navigate to: Deployment > Logs.

In the dropdown on the top-right, you'll see a button where you can toggle between logs for your:

  • Scheduler
  • Webserver
  • Workers (if applicable)

Webserver Logs Page

Filter by time/date

As you manage logs, you can filter by:

  • Past 5 minutes
  • Past hour
  • Today
  • All time

To adjust this filter, toggle the top right menu.

Search logs

On Astronomer, you can search for logs with a text string on the top right.

Search Logs

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