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Version: 0.35

Debug Your Astronomer Software installation

Use the information provided here when the Astronomer platform is not functioning as expected after you install it.

Houston and Grafana stuck in CrashLoopBackOff

When deploying the base Astronomer platform, the Houston (API) and Grafana pods connect directly to the database. All other database connections are created from Airflow deployments created on Astronomer.

$ kubectl get pods -n astro-demo
manageable-snail-alertmanager-0 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-cli-install-5b96bfdc-25nzs 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-commander-787bdfff8b-d8snw 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-elasticsearch-client-69c74bbd5b-57nhj 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-elasticsearch-client-69c74bbd5b-fwsng 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-elasticsearch-data-0 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-elasticsearch-data-1 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-elasticsearch-exporter-57786f5f96-lgtjg 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-elasticsearch-master-0 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-elasticsearch-master-1 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-elasticsearch-master-2 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-elasticsearch-nginx-cfb4bd77d-gzgkj 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-fluentd-45tnm 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-fluentd-6gs9z 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-fluentd-bp4lp 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-fluentd-bxnk6 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-fluentd-f5nkj 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-fluentd-hmbtd 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-fluentd-jx4tg 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-fluentd-vk9rr 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-fluentd-zslx4 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-grafana-5bdd6cdf64-s77c7 0/1 CrashLoopBackOff 20 1h
manageable-snail-houston-6fb7956994-2tngn 0/1 CrashLoopBackOff 20 1h
manageable-snail-kibana-5c7bbb5dc6-z5jb5 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-kube-state-bf86885f-g46pp 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-kubed-5b5d65dd9d-l7nds 1/1 Running 2 1h
manageable-snail-nginx-799d79ccf9-kfnzn 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-nginx-default-backend-5cc4755696-vh5zq 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-astro-ui-7b9b9df4f9-pb99f 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-prometheus-0 1/1 Running 0 1h
manageable-snail-registry-0 1/1 Running 0 1h

If these pods do not come up in a healthy state, it is usually an issue with the database connection. See the following topics to confirm your connection.


Make sure that the Kubernetes cluster Astronomer is running on can connect to the database. Run the following comannd to start a postgresql pod in your cluster and then connect to it:

kubectl run psql --rm -it --restart=Never --namespace <astronomer-namespace> --image bitnami/postgresql --command -- psql $(kubectl get secret -n <astronomer-namespace> <release-name>-houston-backend --template='{{.data.connection | base64decode }}' | sed 's/?.*//g')

If the connection times out, there may be a networking issue.

Verify the Secret

Check to make sure the astronomer-bootstrap secret created earlier, which contains the connection string to the database, does not contain any typos:

$ kubectl get secrets -n astro-demo
astronomer-bootstrap Opaque 1 33h
astronomer-tls 2 44d
manageable-snail-commander-token-hxq6v 3 33h
manageable-snail-fluentd-token-s8fp9 3 33h
manageable-snail-grafana-backend Opaque 1 33h
manageable-snail-grafana-bootstrapper-token-krlhk 3 33h
manageable-snail-houston-backend Opaque 1 33h
manageable-snail-houston-bootstrapper-token-5z9gb 3 33h
manageable-snail-houston-jwt-signing-certificate Opaque 1 33h
manageable-snail-houston-jwt-signing-key Opaque 1 33h
manageable-snail-kube-state-token-b9gqf 3 33h
manageable-snail-kubed Opaque 1 33h
manageable-snail-kubed-apiserver-cert Opaque 2 33h
manageable-snail-kubed-notifier Opaque 0 33h
manageable-snail-kubed-token-dhd94 3 33h
manageable-snail-nginx-token-xk5pn 3 33h
manageable-snail-prometheus-token-2v59c 3 33h
manageable-snail-registry-auth 1 33h

To decrypt the astronomer-bootstrap secret:

$ kubectl get secret astronomer-bootstrap -o yaml
apiVersion: v1
connection: <encoded_value>
kind: Secret
creationTimestamp: "2019-12-27T16:57:42Z"
name: astronomer-bootstrap
namespace: astro-demo
resourceVersion: "37526902"
selfLink: /api/v1/namespaces/astro-demo/secrets/astronomer-bootstrap
uid: ff0ed7a4-28c9-11ea-87af-4201ac100003
type: Opaque

Now to see the secret in plaintext:

echo <encoded_value> | base64 --decode

If there is a typo, delete the secret, recreate it with the right value, and then delete all the pods in the namespace.

$ kubectl delete secret astronomer-bootstrap -n astro-demo
secret/astronomer-bootstrap deleted
$ kubectl create secret generic astronomer-bootstrap --from-literal connection="<your_connection_string>" --namespace <namespace>
secret/astronomer-bootstrap created
$ kubectl delete --all pods --namespace <namespace>

Restarting the pods will force them to pick up the new value.

Houston and Astronomer Software x509 Certificate Signed by Unknown Authority error

Occasionally, the shared Houston and Astronomer Software registry Pod certificates fail to synchronize and the following error message appears:

Warning Failed 24m (x4 over 26m) kubelet, <node> Failed to pull image "registry.astronomer.base.domain/testing/airflow:deploy-5": rpc error: code = Unknown desc = Error response from daemon: Get https://registry.astronomer.base.domain/v2/: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

To resolve this issue and clear the error message, restart the Houston pods and then the Astronomer Software registry Pod.

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