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Version: 0.30

Install the Astro CLI

The Astro CLI is the easiest way to run Apache Airflow on your machine. From the Astro CLI, you can run a local Apache Airflow environment with a dedicated webserver, scheduler and Postgres database. Once you create an Astronomer Software project, you can customize it (for example, add Python or OS-level packages or add plugins) and test it on your local machine.

You can also use the CLI to:

  • Authenticate to Astronomer Software.
  • List the Astro Workspace and Deployments you can access.
  • Deploy a project to Software.

Install the Astro CLI


To use the Astro CLI on Mac, you must have:


To install the latest version of the Astro CLI, run the following command:

brew install astro

Confirm the install

To confirm the CLI was installed properly, run the following CLI command:

astro version

If the installation was successful, you should see the following output:

astro version
Astro CLI Version: 1.27.1

Upgrade the CLI

To upgrade the Astro CLI to the latest version, run the following command:

brew install astro

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