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astro registry dag add


The behavior and format of this command are the same for both Astro and Software.

Download a DAG from the Astronomer Registry to your Astro project.


astro registry dag add

When you run the command, the CLI prompts you for a DAG ID to download. To retrieve the DAG name, open the DAG in the Astronomer registry and copy the URL between dags/ and /versions. For example, in the URL, copy upload_files_to_s3.


OptionDescriptionValid Values
<dag-id>The DAG ID to download.Any valid DAG ID. Must be the first option in the command.
--versionThe version of the DAG to download.Any valid version.
--add-providersAttempt to add the required providers for the DAG to requirements.txt.None.


# Download version 1.0.0 of a DAG called 'upload_files_to_s3'
astro registry dag add upload_files_to_s3 --version 1.0.0

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