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astro organization user list


This command is only available on Astro.

Manage users in your current Astro Organization.


Run astro organization user list to list all users, their email, ID, organization role, and account creation date in your Organization.


OutputDescriptionData Type
FULLNAMEThe full name of the user.String
EMAILThe email address associated with the user account.String
IDThe user ID.String
ORGANIZATION ROLEThe level of permissions granted to the user at the Organization level. Can be ORGANIZATION_MEMBER, ORGANIZATION_BILLING_ADMIN, or ORGANIZATION_OWNER.String
IDP MANAGEDWhether or not the user is managed through an identity provider (IdP).Boolean
CREATE DATEThe date the user profile was created.Date (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ)

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