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The easiest and fastest way to run Apache Airflow locally!

Installing Apache Airflow manually takes a lot of time and resources. Luckily, now there’s the Astronomer CLI! Whether you’re an Astronomer user or not, our open source project will help you develop your local Apache Airflow environment in no time.

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Set up your Airflow environment with the Astronomer CLI.

Why use the Astronomer CLI?

  • To ensure everyone in your company has the same Airflow environment, which eliminates the silos and boosts developer productivity.

  • To create a CI/CD pipeline to run experiments on your machine and push it to the staging environment once you’re ready.

Astronomer clients can also use CLI to:

  • Authenticate to Astronomer

  • List Astronomer Workspaces and Deployments you have access to

  • Deploy to an Airflow Deployment on Astronomer

  • Create Astronomer Service Accounts, Users, and Deployments

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Apache Airflow is the de facto standard for expressing data flows as code, with a robust and growing community of data engineers, scientists, and analysts across the world.

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