Astronomer Weekly Demo

Thursday May 19 - 1:00pm ET

Hosted By

  • Sundar Bandepalli Sundar Bandepalli Field Engineer Astronomer


Astronomer is the control plane for Apache Airflow, the standard open-source tool for expressing data flows as code and optimized to run on the cloud of your choice or on-prem. Astronomer makes it easy to run, manage, and scale your data pipelines across your organization.

Hit the ground running with out of the box support for push button Airflow deployments, integration with identity providers, advanced logging and monitoring tools, a rich API and CLI for a first class developers experience that integrates natively with your CI/CD systems of choice.

Say goodbye to hand managing deployments, scaling, worrying about the latest security patches, and more.

In this interactive session we will cover:

  • Deploying Apache Airflow environments on-demand to achieve a multi-tenant operating environment.
  • Cloud-native auto-scaling at the push of a button.
  • Using pre-built ecosystem to extend Apache Airflow with 100s of Operators and Modules from the Astronomer Registry.
  • Integrating your SSO provider with Airflow’s RBAC on Astronomer.
  • Advanced performance management features with out of the box Monitoring, Logging, and Alerting for your Airflow environments.
  • SDLC for data pipelines with the Astronomer CLI and CI/CD.

And more... plus answers to all of your questions!

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