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How the time flies! Cannot believe we are already in April, and with such a jam packed March, we’re excited to share what the Airflow Community has been up to this month, including:

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The next Airflow Monthly Virtual Town Hall will be held on Wednesday, April 3rd at 11 AM EST. Join us for a presentation delving into Snap's Airflow Journey, insights from the contributors behind the 2.9 release, and an interview spotlighting the Hybrid Executor AIP!


Airflow 2.8.4

Airflow 2.8.4 was released on March 25th includes several bug fixes and miscellaneous updates in preparation for the Airflow 2.9 release.

Airflow 2.8.3

Airflow 2.8.3 was released on March 11th and includes a significant change and several bug fixes.

Airflow Helm Chart 1.13.1

Airflow Helm Chart 1.13.0


New versions of 53 Airflow Providers packages were released.

For all source releases, PyPI packages and docs, see: 


Recent releases: 


The release of Airflow 2.9 is imminent, and we're excited for the community to access the new features and updates it brings! Among other enhancements, this release includes improvements to data-aware scheduling and dynamic task mapping.

Register here to attend a webinar on what’s new in 2.9.

Monthly Event Highlight
We launched the São Paulo Chapter this month with an amazing event hosted by Rafael Ireno at iFood. Huge thanks to Rafa, Luan, and Carlos for speaking and helping put this incredible event together!
#36755 | Python3.12

Congratulations to Jarek Potiuk and the team involved on getting this completed. Special recognition goes to: Andrey Anshin, Bolke de Bruin, Gopal Dirisao, Israel Fruchter, Bret McGuire, and Jessie Whitehouse for their work on this PR!
To nominate a PR, add a comment with #protm in the body or wait for the vote on the dev list. 





Did you know that there’s an immortal species of jellyfish? The species is called Turritopsis dohrnii, often referred to as the "immortal jellyfish."

This jellyfish has the remarkable ability to revert back to its juvenile polyp state after reaching adulthood, essentially allowing it to potentially live forever. This process, known as transdifferentiation, is a unique phenomenon in the animal kingdom and makes Turritopsis dohrnii one of the few known cases of "biological immortality."

Source: American Museum of Natural History

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