Astronomer SpaceCamp is an Apache Airflow training and education program for teams looking to run Airflow at scale.

Why SpaceCamp?

Astronomer SpaceCamp empowers the technology-driven enterprise to realize Airflow's full potential. We'll teach you operational best practices and help you set up production-grade Airflow clusters at scale.

Fully customized training that comes to you.

Learn operational best practices required for running production-grade Airflow clusters. Before on-site training begins, Astronomer conducts an exploratory session to customize a curriculum and timeline based on your prior experiences and demonstrated needs.

Whether you're an experienced Airflow developer or a total newcomer, we can help you level up your game.


Built for serious data teams.

Designed for organizations seeking dramatic growth in their data culture or are having problems running Airflow internally.


Learn the basics... and the space-age stuff.

Get educated on everything from best practices and basic usage to running custom plugins and operating multiple clusters at scale.


Build real workflows, together.

Architect the ideal Airflow setup and workflows as they relate to your internal data ecosystem, chosen cloud infrastructure, and business needs.

We structured our SpaceCamp packages to fit the size and needs of your team.

Astronomer Rocket

Falcon 9

For small data teams looking to “level up” their ETL infrastructure.

Guided development sessions with one of Astronomer’s Airflow experts

Produce collaborative workflows that follow industry best practices

Shared Slack channel for workflow and Airflow management support

Astronomer Rocket

Falcon Heavy

For medium-large data teams looking for dramatic shift in data culture.

On-site guided development sessions with multiple Astronomer Airflow experts

Architect the ideal Airflow setup for internal data flow and infrastructure

Shared Slack channel for workflow and Airflow management support

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Astronomer offers an extremely simple-to-deploy managed Apache Airflow product, along with ongoing Airflow consulting services to help data teams build and optimize a powerful Airflow ecosystem over time.