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Astronomer for Marketing Analytics

Discover strategies that yield the best ROI.

Astronomer Marketing Solutions



Introducing Astronomer.

Disparate data sources prevent the collection and analysis of user behavior data and ad click-through rate, resulting in lack of insights, decreased effectiveness of marketing strategies and slower growth. 

Leverage Astronomer’s platform to extract and transform data sourced from your digital marketing channels such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and join them with website user behavior data and email campaign data (CTR) to build a 360 degree view of your customer journey. Increase marketing managers’ ability to target consumers, manage campaigns, conduct A/B testing, develop more robust unit economics and improve customer experience.



Explore Astronomer Features

110+ Pre-Built Integrations

Choose pre-built integrations from a robust living library to begin automatically sending your data from any source to any destination.


Decrease Acquisition Cost

Use data to gain deeper insights and measure effectiveness of digital marketing channels. Make timely decisions to drive down customer acquisition costs.

Increase Lifetime Value

Build a multi-dimensional view of your customers and understand their behaviors.  Create a personalized experience that drives increased customer lifetime value.

The Astronomer Solution.

With Astronomer, instrument your website or app and watch the data start to flow automatically. We can also combine it with all your other data sets so you can gain immediate insights via your favorite analytics tool, data warehouse or dashboard. With amped up behavior analytics, you’ll understand your comprehensive customer story. Better yet, you’ll have the data to effectively target ads, minimize churn, perform growth analytics, target emails, A/B test, do prediction and attribution modeling and much more.