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Astronomer for Data Science

Minimize time spent collecting, cleaning and connecting data, so you can maximize time spent on data engineering, building models and getting to insights.

Astronomer for Data Science



Introducing Astronomer.

Data scientists are often bogged down by tedious data aggregation and extraction from ad-hoc—and often outdated—sources. Every hour spent configuring the right infrastructure for data ingestion means that much less time spent identifying valuable insights. Not only can this be laborious for the data scientist, but detrimental to their organization.


Astronomer implements a rich data infrastructure, deployable as SaaS or on an organization’s private cloud, to automate the extraction, aggregation and enrichment crucial to powering deep insights.



Explore Astronomer Features

Comprehensive Data Integration

Rapidly connect disparate data sets to create one centralized, actionable body of information that’s automatically updated in real-time.


Personal Data Engineering

If an integration you need isn’t in our library yet, Astronomer data engineers will custom build it for you, without disrupting your IT team.

Versatile Deployment

Available as a SaaS product or deployable to an isolated environment, including your private cloud, allowing you to enjoy a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) at higher event volumes.

The Astronomer Solution.

With Astronomer, simply “pop” the complex data infrastructure into place in your organization to automatically connect and centralize your data, in real-time. With complete access to even the hardest-to-reach data, your data scientists are free to stick to data science.